XanPool Integrates With Abra Investment Application

Updated: Nov 23

Abra allows users to borrow stablecoins with interest rates starting as low as 0% using Bitcoin or Ethereum as collateral.

XanPool Abra Partnership

We’re excited to announce that Abra is integrated with XanPool!

Abra is an investment application that drives crypto adoption by empowering users from around the world to invest in their vast selection of cryptocurrencies. Through Abra’s app, users from 150 countries gain access to over 80 cryptocurrencies with the ability to buy, sell, hold, exchange, and send them anywhere, anytime.

Abra Feature Highlights:

  1. Abra Boost - You can earn up to 12% interest by depositing your cryptocurrencies or stablecoins in Abra’s interest account. Interest will be compounded daily and paid out in the same asset you have in the account.

  2. Abra Borrow - You can borrow stablecoins with interest rates starting as low as 0% using Bitcoin or Ethereum as collateral. Interest rates range from 0% to 9.95%, depending on your loan to value (LTV). Simply put, you can borrow a lower interest loan with a higher collateral requirement. You can choose a loan term between 1 to 3 years with no penalties for early loan termination.

  3. Institutional Investors - You can access Abra’s wide range of benefits with a minimum deposit of $500,000. Benefits such as a consultative relationship manager with a crypto industry insider, access to 24/7 account servicing with Abra experts, and tailored crypto OTC trading, yield, and borrowing services.

The partnership between Abra x XanPool

Abra extends its service to users in the fast-growing emerging markets of Asia

  • Added over 10 fiat currencies with the integration

  • Ability to buy and sell crypto via local payment methods directly

  • Seamless entry for users without existing ownership of cryptocurrencies

  • Opens up access to Abra’s comprehensive suite of cryptocurrencies

  • Generates more liquidity for the digital asset ecosystem in the region

Users in Asia can now buy and sell crypto using this fiat money easily - SGD, MYR, HKD, VND, INR, PHP, THB, KRW, AUD, and NZD.

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Abra is expecting to launch its new NFT feature in late 2022, allowing users to buy and sell NFTs from a variety of marketplaces. This feature will be housed within the app, making it a seamless experience for investors to manage their cryptocurrency portfolio.

“Abra is excited to partner with Xanpool to open up onramp capabilities within the APAC region; We are always looking to provide the broadest range of alternative payment methods to our platform and Xanpool has significantly expanded that support for our users.” - Lief Storer, Head of Marketing