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Eight Methods to Earn Bitcoin in 2021

Practical methods to make money with Bitcoin in 2021.


Popular Methods to Make Money with Bitcoin in 2021

Eight Methods to Earn Bitcoin in 2021

Bitcoin is the most popular digital asset in the cryptocurrency industry. Opportunities for making money using Bitcoin increase as it continues to grow over time. Many individuals, especially beginners, are still looking for ways to make money using BTC.

It is necessary to understand that while there are several ways to make money with Bitcoin, all the methods may not be suitable. Moreover, the returns an individual gets rely on their risking appetite and the plan chosen. The following are some of the ways any trader; whether beginner or institutional investor, can use to generate cash using Bitcoin


Mining is the quickest method of obtaining Bitcoin. Mining involves miners using powerful computers to solve complicated mathematical issues. When the individuals crack the code, they are paid using Bitcoin that is newly minted. It is generally like a race where the fastest individuals get the chance to be rewarded. In the earlier days, miners would extract plenty of BTC using their home laptops. However, the process has become more complex since one needs to have a top-tier machine, which is expensive.

An individual can join BTC mining clouds and pools. The pools consist of miners who combine their computing strength to solve complicated mathematical problems quickly. A cloud resembles the pool, but in this case, the miners use the cloud to link their computing strength. In this case, the miners aren’t required to install and run the hardware and software directly. The profitability of mining BTC has reduced over time due to competition and the robust equipment needed for the process. It is a slow and challenging process. Therefore, an individual should research other more straightforward methods before engaging in mining.

Buying and Holding

How do I Invest in BTC and make a profit? Buying and holding; HODLing answers the question perfectly. HODLing is the ideal trading tactic, especially for beginners, since it is straightforward and user-friendly. An individual is required first to get a Bitcoin wallet and then purchase BTC. The trader then holds the Bitcoin to believe that prices will rise in the future; it can take months or years before one decides to retail BTC. The method is easy, but the speed is slow. A trader should observe how BTC is valued at that moment before deciding to select this method.


Trading BTC involves taking advantage of its volatile nature. The method needs exercise and knowledge of the marketplace; hence an individual should conduct adequate research before using the technique. There are several trading styles that one can major on:

  • Day trading - Involves small and swift trades, which gives little returns swiftly. The traders must critically examine the market, determine money-making chances, and capitalize for tiny gains. The day investors end up reaping significant cumulative profits.

  • Swing trading -It lies between HODLing and Day-trading. In this case, the investor purchases BTC at low prices and waits for the value to rise before selling them. The holding time is longer than that of day traders and shorter than that of HODLers.

  • Arbitrage - Similar to day and swing swapping. However, traders using this method look for money-making opportunities in various platforms instead of focusing on one. For example, a trader can purchase BTC in exchange for “A” and sell it in exchange for “B” at a higher value.

The methods are moderately tricky, but they are fast. Besides, a trader settling for the ways needs to carry out plenty of research and practice more.

Accepting BTC as Payment.

As Bitcoin continues to grow, more firms are accepting it for payment of goods and services. BTC payment broadens the business’s global network, makes payments safe, and ensures quick payment procedures. A business owner operating a physical business is only required to put one sign in front of the shop and another near the cash register. Individuals running an online business can put a banner on their page.

Merchants and businesses can integrate cryptocurrency payment gateway solution like XanPool to facilitate Bitcoin payments. After customers pay using BTC, one can decide to invest in them, hoping that prices will rise in the future. The method is both easy and quick.

Tips in Bitcoin

Some platforms like Bitfortip give BTC to individuals as tips for performing some tasks. The tasks include helping someone to get a dress online and answering their technical queries. For individuals who stream their beloved video games, they can accept tips in BTC form. One should look for streaming platforms that give tips using Crypto; Twitch is one of them. The method is both easy and quick.

Lending Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are decentralized. The decentralized nature enables one to carry out transactions easily since there is no validation required. An individual can lend their Bitcoin to debtors who pay interest during the agreed lending period. Using this method, HODLers can make money instead of just keeping BTC in their wallet as they await for value to rise. Several websites like Bitbond, Unchained Capital, and BTCpop that an individual can use to lend their Bitcoin. The method is easy but slow.

Binary Trading

Binary Trading has existed for an extended period, and it didn’t take long before venturing into the Crypto world. In this method, the investor buys the alternative and the expiration time. The individual either makes profit or loss; hence it’s like predicting the price direction. The profits are usually a certain percentage of their investment, but the loss can swipe put the entire investment. The method is complex but very fast.

Bitcoin Writing

Cryptocurrency is a relatively new niche. There are only a few writers who have adequate information about cryptocurrencies; others are just copywriters. Therefore, if an individual is well-equipped with Crypto knowledge, they can try sharing the familiarity with the world by writing it in a book. Some websites pay individuals for writing about BTC. Such websites include “Cryptocurrency News” and “Blockchain Aliens.” One can also utilize freelancing websites like Upwork and Freelancer. In this method, both the speed and difficulty are moderate.

Which method suits you best? A trader can try out several ways before selecting those that they are compatible with. The forms should enable the investor to reap significant profits. The Crypto world continues evolving and so do the money-making methods. Therefore, individuals should not rely on the above ways only, but instead, they should conduct more study on other opportunities given by XanPool and Cryptocurrencies.

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