Ethereum and Bitcoin Games to Earn Cryptocurrency Money

A look at different Bitcoin and Ethereum games that reward in cryptocurrencies.


There are several ways to earn cryptocurrency - from passive cryptocurrency investments to engaging in fun crypto games. As a whole, the gaming industry will hit $256 billion in capitalization by the end of 2025. Part of this growth will be driven by the blockchain, which will attract a better user experience, convenient monetization for game creators, and tokenized rewards. Tokenized rewards in Ether or BTC are the main focus of this post.

Ethereum and Bitcoin Games

In this article, we take a look at some of the most popular Ethereum and Bitcoin games where you can earn cryptocurrencies.

Ethereum and Bitcoin Games to Earn Cryptocurrency Money

Spells of Genesis

Spells of Genesis is a Role-Playing Game (RPG) based on the blockchain that combines trading cards and arcade-style features. The world of the game is based on the mythical city of Askia. This game offers blockchain cards that you can redeem for bitcoins or exchange for other altcoins. Spells of Genesis also has an active community forum where you can learn more tricks about playing the game.

The game kicks off in the Asian mountain where the gamer builds a team of heroes that will dare to defeat proponents, master bouncing spells, and earn gold. Playing this game successfully depends on one's ability to choose the best combination of cards for each battle. If you are ready to play and earn bitcoins, join the spells of genesis force.

Bitcoin Flip

This is an exchange simulator where users learn the ins and outs of trading cryptocurrencies while at the same time enjoying themselves. The exchange supports trading a variety of pairs, including Bitcoin Cash, Ripple (XRP), and Ethereum (ETH). Bitcoin flip provides an environment where players can test their strategies against more established traders before choosing to trade a given cryptocurrency. You need to understand trading and market concepts to earn anything on this platform. Features include a mobile version for Android and iOS, counterparty trading, and multi-asset support.

Altcoin Fantasy

Slightly similar to Bitcoin Flip, Altcoin Fantasy is a crypto trading simulator. It enables users to learn and enjoy trading on a risk-free platform. However, the platform is only supported in two countries, Canada and the US. The game features competitions that are held either weekly or monthly and where winners get BTC rewards. The rewards could also be XLM or ETH. Since its inception, the platform has paid out an estimated $25,000 in prize and commands a user base of more than 82,000 gamers. Altcoin Fantasy comes in three versions, web browser version, IOS, and Android versions.

Bitcoin Alien Run

A 2D bitcoin game built in the style of Super Mario, which takes players on a journey through galaxy missions and enables players to earn bitcoin rewards. Payouts are made every week on Tuesdays. Rewards depend on one's ability to navigate the world of Daniel D' Alien and successfully complete missions.

Axie Infinity

Axie infinity has risen from just a game into a source of livelihood for thousands of gamers. The game features a digital pet universe where gamers raise, trade, and battle Axis creatures. Axie Infinity is built on Ethereum and allows winners to earn by receiving small lover portions or SLPs. These SLPs are sold to the secondary market, where one can earn crypto or money.

The game is supported on both iOS and Android devices.

Spark Profit

The Spark Profit is a speculation game based on the Bitcoin market. The similar challenges players to predict cryptocurrency movements and make real money; rewards and wins are based on the accuracy of one's predictions. Cashouts are paid in BTC. This game is available on both Android and iOS devices. Since its inception, Spark Profit has catered for players across 100 nations and awarded up to $375,000 in BTC prices. Features include earnings of up to $100 weekly, a system for preserving personal data, and live dedicated customer support.


RollerCoin allows players to create a virtual data center and start mining BTC but in a simulated environment. Your role as a gamer is to complete test quizzes, complete missions, tasks and build an empire of BTC mining from the ground. A gamer's mining power is increased depending on the number of tasks they complete or missions they tackle. After every five minutes, the game's blockchain releases a block reward that is distributed across all network gamers based on their mining power. Earned rewards can be redeemed into either Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Dogecoin. Other features include an upgrade capability for boosting mining power and increasing overall player rankings.

Satoshis Quiz

This is a web-based trivia game that allows players to answer questions and win Bitcoins. The first three people to answer a question are rewarded with satoshis (which are the tiniest units of Bitcoin). Questions come from different categories, and the rewards vary depending on what tier a user is ranked. The platform processes weekly payouts, and the minimum withdrawal threshold is 11,000 satoshis. Other notable features include a user-friendly dashboard and an affiliate program for incentivizing users who recommend the game to their friends. Success in this game depends on one's swiftness in answering the questions. Hence you need a sharp mind.

Bottom Line

Cryptocurrency games have become increasingly popular in the recent years. More players are joining crypto and blockchain games because of several advantages offered by cryptocurrencies in the online gaming industry.