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Guide: How to buy USDT via XanPool on OKX exchange

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Welcome back to another guide on XanPool!


XanPool - How to buy usdt via Xanpool on OKX

XanPool has partnered with OKX (previously OKEx) to provide fiat currency onboarding for users across 10 countries in Asia. Simply by using your local payment method such as bank app or e-wallet, buy crypto with one of the the lowest fees in 10mins!

This guide is useful to those who need $USDT to stake $OKB and earn on #OKXJumpstart program. Learn more about OKX Jumpstart token sale.

Step 1 : Login to

Log in using your existing account. If you don't have an account, create one.

XanPool - OKX page

Navigate to the widget on the right-hand side of the page

Step 2: Select the Country

In the list of countries dropdown field

Step 3: Key the amount you want to buy

Enter the amount to buy in your local currency

Step 4: Select USDT

In the list of cryptocurrencies dropdown field

Step 5: Click [Buy USDT]

Confirm and proceed to the next page

XanPool OKX exchange (1)

Step 6: Click [Buy]

Get ready to buy on XanPool's page

XanPool OKX exchange (2)

Step 7: Click [Pay on XanPool]

Confirm and proceed to XanPool's page

XanPool OKX exchange (3)

Step 8: Click [Buy USDT] and proceed to verfication

Get prepared to verify your identity with KYC (Know-Your-Customer)

XanPool OKX exchange (4)

Step 9: Submit verification and Click [Continue]

Follow the KYC steps carefully to proceed to payment page

Are you wondering what is KYC? Watch this video.

XanPool OKX exchange (5)

Step 10: Click [Proceed to Payment]

Get ready to pay

XanPool OKX exchange (6)

Step 11: Make the payment transfer

Key in the transfer details / Scan the QR code using the bank or e-wallet app. Payment complete!

XanPool OKX exchange (7)

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