Guide to using XanPool on OKEx Platform

Hello everybody! Welcome back to another guide on XanPool. Today, we will learn how to sign up using an OKEx account and start buying and selling cryptocurrency on the platform via XanPool’s software. This guide will be especially useful for those who are planning to use the OKEx Platform.

As you know, XanPool has partnered with OKEx to provide our users with the ability to buy crypto with ALL OF OUR LOCAL PAYMENT METHODS. That’s right! Users can access this service directly on OKEx’s Buy and Sell Crypto page using our one-click buy/sell service to on and off-board seamlessly and instantly.

Step 1

Sign up for an OKEx account by clicking the “Sign Up” Button on the top right. This will lead you to the page at the bottom.

Step 2

Before you key in your details, you can set either “Phone” (1) or “E-mail” (2) as your main point of contact. After selecting your choice, fill up all your essential details and click “Sign Up” as seen above. Take note that you will need to click the “Get Code” button. This will send a code to your preferred form of contact via SMS or email. Once you click the button, check your phone/email and wait for the verification code that will be sent to you. Once you have the code, key it in the “Input Verification Code” column. This can be seen in “2”. Once you are done, click ‘Sign Up’ as seen in “3”. This will send you to the next page as seen below.

Step 3

Once you log in from the first time. You may come across a popup whether to ‘Deposit Crypto’ or ‘Buy Crypto’. Click on ‘Buy Crypto’.

Step 4

You can also click the green ‘Buy’ button as seen in the above picture to start buying crypto with XanPool. This will send you to a new page. Take note that compared to other payment platforms, XanPool provides the most number of payment methods and our prices are competitively lower than other channels.

Step 5

Once you click the “Buy” button, you will notice that you will be taken to a new ‘Checkout’ page. This is the XanPool API in which users who have been using our website frequently will find familiar. On this page, you can set the – ‘Country’ (1), – ‘Payment Method’ (2), – Quantity of Fiat (3) – Quantity of Crypto (4). Fill them according to what you prefer.

Once you have keyed in your desired amount, click on Next! (5) This will prompt you to move to the next step, Step 2 “Create Account”.

Step 6

This is for those who do not have a XanPool account. You can key in all your details here. Once that is done, click next and it will prompt you to Step 3 “Verification”. This is for our internal KYC process which is meant to protect the interests and safety on our platform for you and our market makers. If you do not know how to do the KYC, here is a link to our “XanPool KYC Video Tutorial” to help you get started. You can click ‘Login’ if you have a XanPool account. This will send you to the next step, Step 4 “Confirmation”. Once you have checked that everything is in order, click on the button “Xchange”.

Step 7

The page displayed will have a few pieces of information for you to take note of. For the example given, I used PayNow as my payment method. You will notice the first thing is to ‘send 1000 SGD to the Paynow number xxxxxxx’ and ‘with the text “pork chops” ‘. Follow the instruction accordingly and this will send the fiat over directly to the user’s bank account. XanPool monitors the process to make sure the money is sent before releasing the crypto. We would also like to take this time to let you know that your rate will be guaranteed for the next 3 minutes.

Step 8

Once everything is in order, and the money has been sent over. XanPool will make sure that the information provided matches our KYC system. If there are no major issues, we will send the crypto over directly into the account that the OKEx users are using.

That’s it! This is how you can buy and sell crypto on the OKEx platform. If you have any questions do check out the rest of our blog posts here! Thank you and Happy Trading!

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