How To Sell Bitcoin Instantly In India using UPI (Unified Payments Interface)

Hey, there fellow Bitcoin hodler! If you’re finding yourself in India and looking to sell some Bitcoins using the UPI (Unified Payments Interface) system or app, you’ve come to the right place!

XanPool is a platform that connects you directly to local buyers willing to buy Bitcoin to you using UPI. The process of selling Bitcoin is super simple. You send the bitcoin (BTC) to the buyer, and XanPool will make sure that once you’ve done so, the cash payment will get sent to you immediately. Of course, before sending the BTC, you will have to verify your identity through our quick 3 minutes KYC process.

Steps on how to sell Bitcoin in India using UPI ( Indian rupee ):

Create XanPool Account + Verify Account.

Start by clicking the “Sign Up” button on the top right-hand corner to sign up for your XanPool account. And make sure you follow the process to verify your account with XanPool.

Start a Transaction

Diagram 1.0

Navigate to the XanPool website where you can sell Bitcoins in India and click on the Large “Xchange” button circled in Diagram 1.0

Diagram 2.0

Next, click on the “Sell Crypto” tag displayed next to the red “1” displayed in diagram 2.0 to make sure you are selling cryptocurrency.

Select how much Bitcoin you want to sell in Indian Rupee, as displayed in diagram 2.0 next to the red “2”.

Verify again that you are selling in India, as displayed on diagram 2.0 next to the red “3”. Take note that the code will be emailed to you shortly that you can use at any UPI accessible system or App;

You can also choose to use XLP to reduce the transaction fees as displayed in diagram 2.0 next to the red “4”.

Once you are satisfied with the details of the transaction click on the “Xchange” button on the right side of the page, as displayed in diagram 2.0 next to the red “5”.

Making Payment

Make sure you make the payment within three minutes in order to lock in the rate of the Bitcoins. If your payment gets sent after the three minutes are over, your INR (Indian Rupee) to Bitcoin (BTC) rate may change. Don’t worry it should not take longer than 3 minutes! All you have to do is:

Manually send the Bitcoins to the address next to the red “1” by either entering copying and pasting it into your bitcoin wallet manually. OR

You can scan the QR code displayed in diagram 3.0 next to the red “2” with your Bitcoin wallets of choice. This will automatically copy the address over into your bitcoin wallet. Make sure to key in the correct amount of Bitcoins.

WARNING: *Please complete the transfer within 3 minutes to assure the current rate. If the funds are transferred after 3 minutes and the price of Bitcoin moves more than 1 percent at this time. Your transaction will be adjusted to the new market price.

And THAT is how you sell Bitcoins in India instantly using UPI! (compatible with all local bank accounts)

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