MoonXBT Integrates with XanPool

Updated: Nov 11

MoonXBT allows users to put up to 5,000 USDT in margin for contract trading, with up to 150 times leverage.


XanPool & MoonXBT Announcement Integration

We’re excited to announce that MoonXBT is now integrated with XanPool!

MoonXBT is a unique derivatives trading platform with social features. It allows users to put up to 5,000 USDT in margin for contract trading, with up to 150 times leverage. This enables people to use small amounts of money to generate large profits through high leverage.

Social Feature Highlights:

  1. Copy Trading - Allow users to copy a professional trader's trading strategy and have their orders executed automatically.

  2. Forum - Allows users to connect with other traders trading the same markets or goods, copy their actions, share and discuss analyses, predictions and ask questions

  3. Trading Battle - This allows traders to compete against each other, spicing up trading and giving cryptonauts more incentives to enjoy trading profits. Moreover, both public and private trading battles are available on MoonXBT

Partnership between MoonXBT x XanPool

MoonXBT extends its service to users in the fast-growing emerging markets of Asia

  • Added over 10 fiat currencies with the integration

  • Ability to buy and sell crypto via local payment methods directly

  • Seamless entry for users without existing ownership of cryptocurrencies

  • Opens up the access to MoonXBT’s comprehensive suite of 31 cryptocurrencies

  • Generates more liquidity for the digital asset ecosystem in the region

Users in Asia can now buy and sell crypto using these fiat money easily - SGD, MYR, HKD, VND, INR, PHP, THB, KRW, AUD, and NZD.

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MoonXBT recently launched spot trading due to strong demands. Investors can buy and sell actual trade subjects through spot trading as opposed to contract trading, investors acquire contracts specifying to trade a subject at a defined price at a set period in the future.

“Integrating with XanPool has met the imperative demand of MoonXBT to provide users fiat-to-crypto services as more users are coming in. - George Lee, COO of MoonXBT”

What this means to users

By allowing users to buy crypto directly on MoonXBT with fiat money, it lowers the threshold for MoonXBT to serve new users and old users who want to trade more on the platform.