RFOX coin is now supported by XanPool

Updated: Jan 11

RedFOX Labs coin, $RFOX, will serve as the currency within their interoperable ecosystem.


rfox token lists on xanpool

We’re excited to announce that RFOX now has liquidity on XanPool!

RedFOX Labs is a leading digital venture company builder in Southeast Asia and RFOX is their native cryptoasset. With cutting edge technology, the Vietnam-based blockchain startup empowers the digital economy for the increasing demand in areas such as e-Commerce, digital media, Esports, gaming and finance.

Features of RFOX coin

RedFOX coin, $RFOX, will serve as the currency within their interoperable ecosystem.

  • Payments on RFOX VALT, a fully immersive shopping experience compatible with virtual reality

  • Earn on RFOX Games, a mobile gaming space with a focus on play to earn

  • DeFi usability on RFOX Finance, including farming, staking, loans and insurance

  • Innovate on RFOX Media, a platform for content creators, brands and KOLs

  • Creation of NFTs on RFOX NFT, an agnostic whitelabel solution

RedFOX Labs Vision

RedFOX Labs aims to promote digital inclusion to all individuals and communities, enabling mass adoption of cryptocurrency in the Southeast Asian markets.

“XanPool offers a solution to our customers in the Southeast Asian region who have previously found it difficult to purchase the RFOX token with their local currency. Being available on XanPool means that we can expedite the RFOX token adoption and accessibility across the Southeast Asian region.” – Ben Fairbank, CEO and Co-founder of RedFOX Labs

What this means to our users

Users can now easily use on-and-off ramp payment solutions when they buy or sell the RFOX token via XanPool.