Step-by-step guide: How to avoid mining fees for USDT on XanPool?

Avoid mining fees for USDT on XanPool

Some of our users complained about high fees on XanPool, especially when they tried to top up their balance on another exchange such as ByBit. Some of them spent up to $30 in fees! The truth is that you can avoid paying these crazy fees if you switch from Ethereum to Tron.

Here is the detailed guide on how to save on mining fees.

Step A: Go to

Previously, you might have used XanPool via an exchange such as ByBit, BitGet, and some of them integrated with our platform using ERC-20, which is expensive. This time, just go to our platform directly and log in using your existing account.

Select the country and USDT on XanPool widget

Step B: Fill out checkout page.

You will need to have a Tron address to save on mining fees. TRC-20 is a similar standard to ERC-20 that you've been using on Ethereum, but because transactions on Tron blockchain are cheaper you can avoid paying mining fees.

If you use ByBit you can find your deposit Tron address by going to: Deposits => Select USDT as a coin => Choose TRC20

Important to select Tron blockchain here to get 0% mining fee

Step C: Review the details and click Xchange!

Review the details and confirm the exchange to USDT

Why does the ERC20 has higher fees than the TRC20?

Some of the possible reasons are:

  • ERC20 requires more power and resources to mine compared to TRC20

  • There is heavy traffic on the Ethereum network compared to Tron

  • The number of projects on the Etheruem network is more than Tron

  • Ethereum follows proof-of-work so it depends on miners while Tron follows proof-of-stake