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STEPN: The First Move-to-Earn Game

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

STEPN is the first Web3 game that encourages you to go outdoors and earn crypto for being active.


Key Takeaways

  • STEPN is the first Web3 game that requires users to frequently move from place to place to make progress and earn.

  • Users can link the app to their sneakers and go for walks outside, jog, or run anywhere, earning GST as they move.

  • Burn mechanism refers to how the circulation of both GMT and GST tokens is controlled via various in-app actions.

  • Users can participate in the application's three modes to earn money: Solo, Marathon, and Background Mode

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STEPN is a health and fitness Web3 application that includes Game-Fi and Social-Fi features. It is like any other NFT game, uses a blockchain, and issues its own cryptocurrency for in-game utility.

Since the game was launched on the Solana blockchain, users may use SOL for in-game purchases. However, the game itself uses its own native tokens, which can also be rewarded to the users.

STEPN: The First Move-to-Earn Game

What is STEPN: The move-to-earn game

STEPN is the first Web3 game that encourages users to go outdoors and be active, to earn crypto. It is arguably the first Move-to-Earn NFT game where users get bonuses for running, jogging, or walking with NFT sneakers outdoors. The FindSatoshi Lab-developed application is GPS-based to track user steps and movements, drawing inspiration from Axie Infinity's success. The game’s fitness gamification and reward mechanism elements serve as its unique selling points.

The STEPN project contributes to carbon neutrality while striving to introduce millions of users to a healthier lifestyle by thrusting them into the Web 3.0 world, where they earn for keeping fit and healthy. To offset its impact on climate change, STEPN donates part of its profit pool to the purchase of Carbon Removal Credit on the Solana Blockchain. STEPN's partnership with Nori, a carbon removal supplier, has enabled the project to estimate its carbon footprint, purchase carbon removals from farmers, and indemnify third-party auditors who verify the removals.

How STEPN works?

How STEPN works

Step 1: Download the STEPN app on your iOS or Android device.

Step 2: Sign up. Users’ status (walking, running, or jogging) is displayed on top of their screen.

Step 3: Connect wallet to STEPN. Then transfer SOL to purchase a STEPN x ASICS NFT sneaker.

Step 4: Link the app to your sneakers and go outside for walks, a jog, or runs and start earning GST.

Using any other form of transportation to get around instead of using muscles denies users the ability to earn GST or GMT tokens.

STEPN Features

STEPN Features GMT GST Token

Burn Mechanism

This refers to how the circulation of both GMT and GST tokens is controlled via various in-app actions. The scarcity of the tokens has necessitated a burn mechanism to allow more and more people to live a healthy life as demand for cryptocurrencies increases.

Dual Token Model

STEPN is based on a two-token system because of fundraising and utility needs. It runs two tokens, Green Satoshi Token (GST) and Green Metaverse Token (GMT). The STEPN ecosystem utilizes the GMT as its governance token, while the GST is the token reward as bonuses to user activities and in-game utility.

Token Use Cases


  1. Minting (Creating): GST's supply is infinite and is created every time a user moves in Background or Solo modes.

  2. Burning (Destroying): GST can be destroyed by shoe-minting, repair, leveling-up, unlocking socket, gems upgrade, and resetting sneaker attributes.


  1. Minting: GMT has a finite supply of six billion minted via TGE.

  2. Burning: GMT crypto burn occurs when users participate in governance, taker option is the voted result, Rare to Legendary Sneaker Shoe-minting, gem upgrade from Level 4-9, sneaker leveling from Level 28-30, customization, and sneaker attribute reset.

Game Modes

STEPN Game Modes

Users can participate in the application's three modes to earn money: Solo, Marathon, and Background Mode.

  • Solo Mode: Users earn tokens by movement. Their income is determined by their level of physical activity and the Sneakers' rarity/functionality.

  • Marathon Mode: Users can participate in a monthly marathon and weekly or monthly competitions, and each race must be registered 24 hours before it begins.

  • Background Mode: Users can get GST without the app. They can also repair expenses for at least one pair of sneakers from their inventory. When the app is turned off, Background Mode reads the step count from the users' device's Health Data. The sneakers' Endurance cannot be reduced by steps achieved while walking, jogging, or running in Background Mode.

Move-to-Earn becomes popular among the masses

STEPN Web3 Move-to-Earn game is more interesting and motivating than most other games that use NFTs. The goal of STEPN is to create a play-to-earn mobile game that is popular with everyone. If GMT's recent performance is anything to go by, STEPN is quickly becoming popular with the masses.

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