#XanFam – Be Part Of Something Greater

Xanpool is looking for new Ambassadors!

Ever wanted to be part of an active community that is FOR you and make some money along the way? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Xanpool is looking for users to join our exclusive #XanFam Ambassadors Program where you will be able to experience all of the perks of being a Xanpool user with added benefits!

However, first things first, we need to know if YOU have what it takes to be one!

#XanFam Qualifications

  1. Get registered on Xanpool with your KYC approved.

  2. Be active on all social media platforms with large followings.

  3. Refer at least 30 referees to get registered on the Xanpool platform with KYC approved.

What does the #XanFam do?

As ambassadors of Xanpool, we hope to foster a global network of like-minded individuals in order to build up a strong Xanpool user community in their respective countries as well as getting rewarding you to do so!

What we would like to see in the #XanFam is

  1. Referral of New Users: Referring your friends in joining this awesome community by getting registered with KYC approved on the Xanpool Platform.

  2. Social Communication: Share with us some key ideas to help Xanpool be a household name. This includes being part of AMAs and having your content featured on all official Xanpool media. #Xanfam Ambassadors can listen to feedback and by working closely with our marketing team, help build a better user experience.

  3. Share and spread Xanpool on all social media information actively.

  4. Operate an exclusive Xanpool #XanFam User Community in your local area (This community belongs to Xanpool but is operated by you).

  5. Safeguard Xanpool’s interest and promote the Xanpool brand.

Reward Mechanism

Rewards and Perks

What more can we offer? Free stuff and special perks of course! When you are part of the #XanFam community, you will be given rewards based on your participation and as we grow in expanding Xanpool, more rewards will be released as well! Each #XanFam will receive 150 USDT per month.

1. Shoutout from Jeff in our video end credits!

2. Be the first to know about our latest #Airdrops!

3. Private chats on social media to be kept up to date with the latest Xanpool news!

4. Get limited Xanpool #XanFam T-shirts.

5. Be the first to try our latest products.

6. Exclusive Events ONLY #Xanfam. Both Online and Offline.

7. Your suggestions WILL change the way Xanpool works!

Xanpool reserves the right to any changes for the #XanFam Ambassadors Program.

We are looking for 5 #XanFam Members by the end of the year!



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