XanPool Meet Zilliqa, Zilliqa XanPool.

Hey hey hey!

Today I’m super pleased to announce that XanPool users will now be able to buy ZIL (Zilliqa) via our XanPool fiat gateway.

In the last couple of weeks, we have been working closely with Zilliqa by having them become a liquidity provider to XanPool, in order to make our fiat gateway, even more robust!

Starting today, all KYCed XanPool users will be able to directly buy ZIL via XanPool using Singaporean Dollars (SGD), Hong Kong Dollars (HKD), and soon, more currencies!

You can learn more about Zilliqa here

So, how would I buy ZIL on XanPool?

Exactly the same way as you would buy anything else on XanPool!

You will need a verified XanPool account first. (Yes, that means KYC verified).

AND you will need your own Zilliqa wallet. (remember, not your keys, not your coins) I’ve personally tried Moonlet, and think that they are among the most noob-friendly. (Here is a guide on how to use Moonlet)

Then back to the XanPool interface, you will have to navigate your mouse over to the “cryptocurrency” logo. And select Zilliqa. (as shown in the above diagram).

Once you’ve selected your transaction method and specified how much local currency you want to spend. Press the big “Xchange” button.

Make sure that you paste your your receiving Zilliqa wallet address in the “Zilliqa Wallet Address” field. (Circled in red in the diagram above).

Click the big “Xchange” button again.

Then it’s simply a matter of following the steps for your specific payment method.

Once you’ve made the payment, assuming no mistakes were made, your ZIL should arrive in your wallet within a few short minutes!

How is the price of Zilliqa calculated on XanPool?

The local currency price that XanPool will display for ZIL will be determined and computed by the following process:

a.) Take the ZIL/USDT rate listed on OKex at every periodical instance. Using OKEx API

b.) normalize the USDT rate with Bitfinex’s USD/USDT rate into USD, using the Bitfinex API

c.) normalize the USD rate into each respective local currency using the Coinbase API rates for fiat currencies.

So here you go ladies and gentlemen, Zilliqa is the first among many liquidity partnerships with cryptocurrency foundations that we will bring you guys.

Stay tuned for more direct fiat on and offramps! Do throw us a like or follow on Linkedin or Twitter!

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