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XanPool x BKEx Capital & Exchange

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Hello friends! Good news again.

Do you know what day it is today?

Although it is a Monday, there will be no Monday Blues at Xanpool!


We’re officially announcing that Xanpool has received an investment from BKEx Capital.

BKEx’s investment forms the basis of the strategic partnership with BKEx to integrate our fiat gateway APIs into their exchange’s platform so that all our users will have easy access to XanPool’s fiat on and offramp services.

That’s right!

Operated by BTC King Technology Limited, BKEX is one of China’s largest exchanges by trade volumes. BKEx will be among the first large exchanges to get access to our APIs and begin seamlessly onboarding and offboarding users into local currencies in our supported countries.

BKEx cryptocurrency exchange has many users in over 100 countries and besides providing trading services in crypto it also offers mining pool financial services, derivatives trading, spot trading and much more. BKEx is also considered the king of blockchain and the financial industry.

The BKEx exchange supports a wide array of cryptocurrencies, that include well-known digital coins as well as tokens. The platform is accessible in multiple languages, including English and is also supported by various international marketplaces.

About XanPool

XanPool provides a unique omnichannel solution for making the onboarding and offboarding infrastructure in crypto more user-friendly and resilient against single-channel dependencies, like over-reliance on banking partners. The Hong Kong-based startup helps institutions and retailers to on and off-board regardless of their infrastructural limitations.

In 2020, XanPool launched XanPay—a unique payment routing technology that utilizes the company's proprietary C2C-routing technology and its network of Digital Currency Liquidity Providers to enable cross-border payments between payment service providers, merchants and their customers. XanPay's software allows its partners to instantly route and settle their cross-border payments without any custody risk, simply by integrating with XanPay's REST API.


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